“Being in the Moment”

How I Took It 2012 Contest


The Photograph was taken at my in-law’s home on Thanksgiving day after everyone was finished with a beautiful Thanksgiving meal.  Dez was intent on hiding his super photo-genic face from my camera.

Peek-a-boo and click.  Sometimes it seems as though we get all caught up the the gear and the lighting and the posing and blah, blah, blah.  There in lies the source of this tutorial-that some of our best shots just happen!

Sure, you probably could have staged this, but how do you capture a 26 month old just peeking to see?  The answer is that it probably isn’t going to work out too well if you are trying to set it all up.

Certainly, I had to do some work in LR4 and CS6 to get to this point, so there are some adjustments, layers and cropping, but the outcome leads us to one undeniable conclusion.

Photography is largely a matter of timing.  You have to, of course, be there # 1.  Be ready (for the most part) # 2.  And most importantly # 3-be “In the Moment”.  You know what I mean.  Call it commitment or whatever you like.  Just make sure you are in that moment……….totally!

We all tend to get lost from time to time and separated from our vision-whatever that may be.  Always remember that no matter where you’re at, there you are!.  So in fact, you can never be lost.  Just be “In the Moment” and creativity will happen.

The Basics:

Nikon D7000

Nikon 18-200 mm lens @ 95mm

F3.5 @ 1/60 sec

Flash full power with a Gary Fong Diffuser

ISO 200

The shot is titled “Dez Hiding”


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