Enclosure #58

Well, here I was on Thursday the 18th, being somewhat disgruntled because the lady who washes and trims the dog called and cancelled again thus blowing another early morning photo shoot.  I said “ENOUGH” and determined to go the very next morning to photograph an area I had not been to for some 20 + years.  This small grove of Aspen trees lies deep within the Ochoco National Forest in the Grizzly unit and East of Rooster Rock.  Up at 4 AM and out the door as soon as I could get the props to stay up on my eyelids, I ventured out into the darkness.  It was about 38 miles through the woods to the point where I started hiking.  Up through the valley and over the small hill (where I jumped a rather large bull elk) I finally found the Aspen Grove and was rewarded with a somewhat almost too late to record the colors view.


Enclosure 58 from the hill-top

Following are a series of photographs I took while walking around both inside and outside this enclosure.  Just an FYI here, there are some 100 Aspen Enclosures in the Ochoco National Forest, so instead of naming each one, the Forest Service just numbers them.  I hope you enjoy these photos.  It was a great day of shooting,even if it was cloudy with very little sunshine.

My favorite

Looking up at Rooster Rock


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