Gone, Done, Nada, Zip, Foiled Again!

Well, folks, it happened again. That dang person that sold me my license gave me the wrong one again. I asked for a “Killing” license and I guess I got the “Hunting” license again. Hangnail, shooty daw gone, and all those other words!  We did have a great time and did have the privilege of seeing a lot of Elk and some verrrrry large Bulls among other critters.

This was also the very first time my daughter Kerri has ever joined us for a hunt of any kind and that was beyond great. So we meet her in Mitchell about 6 PM and head out to the spot. We park her car and have her jump in the pick-up to go see if we can spot some elk and spot we did!

Herd bull ejects another suiter!

Although you can barely see them, (these Elk were about 1 mile away from us) the two upper elk are two very large bulls and the old herd bull (lower one) has just kicked the other bull out of the area.

So it starts getting on towards dusk and I decide to blow my cow call, which I did and out of nowhere across the prairie comes a 6 point bull right at us. Kerri had been in possession of her cow call for a couple of weeks and didn’t even know how to make it work, so I told her to grab the call and follow me. We took off into the woods and Kerri did a great job of calling, but the elk didn’t like the pick-up setting right there, so he didn’t come all the way in. Poor Kerri had no idea of what had just happened!  She soon learned a little more how significant that really was. I was sad to see her leave on Friday afternoon, but she got some good experience and learned a lot about the hunt.

Saturday morning, Brian (my Son) and I went over to an area where we had previously seen this bull:

We set up across the canyon and called a larger bull than this one in. He spooked at Brian (who was the shooter and I was the caller) and when I heard him break out, I grabbed my trusty old bugle and gave it a rip!. I will be danged if I didn’t stop him and he came around behind me and above me. Brian then started calling and this beautiful 6 point bull walked out of some re-prod trees and onto a open hill-side 60 yards from me. I was all ready for him and plotting his demise as he came within range and out of nowhere he cut up the hill, behind some juniper trees where I stopped him at 70 yards-too far away to take the shot. Then, he just walked off!  That was the closest we got to actually getting one this year.

We did encounter some other very interesting critters however. This old bull Buffalo was about 10 feet from me for the first photo and then he ambled off a bit. He looked tired and there was no malice in his eyes so I asked him to pose for me.  What do you think?

OK, OK, but just for 1 shot!

We did encounter the rest of the herd later.

This next photo is a better shot of the New Bull of the Herd!

Dont’ Bug Me Man!

Like I said, we had a lot of fun, saw a lot of animals and got some great photographs!  This next one is of my son and daughter returning after trying a set-up to call some elk in.

And here is one final bull I was able to get while he was bugling.

Muddy and Proud of it!

As you can see, he had been in for his mud bath!  What a sight.  Well, I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking them. Had a blast and am awaiting next year.




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