Elk Hunting

Over the years of Elk Hunting around the Waterman/Richmond area of Oregon, we have been privileged to see several large herds of elk, listen to their language as they communicate with each other and have been blessed to have taken some photos of these herds.  Never before have we witnessed such a gathering of elk on a mission as last Saturday at 1 PM in the afternoon with the temp hoovering around 85 degrees.  





These elk just kept coming and coming up out of the canyon until there were around 250 to 300 head and then they headed out over the small hill to the watering holes on the other side.




They began to spread out some, talking to each other with an occasional bugle thrown in to keep the order.  It was a totally beautiful scene to get to watch and photograph.  We were on the Parrish Creek road some 1000 yards from this herd (Oh how I wish I could have gotten closer).














These are just a few of the photos I took Saturday.  What a privilege!  Secretly, I can tell you that I am hoping they all come over to where I get to hunt!  Maybe an early filling of the tag and then I can photo some more.  I captured a couple pics of my son “hamming” it up in front of the old Shoots Mill building.




What a guy!  You can follow him along on his blog at “Hudsflywater.wordsmith.com”.  We leave this coming Wednesday for the last week of Elk Season, so wish us luck!  For the first time ever, my daughter Kerri will be joining us–that has me super jacked!  Can’t wait!


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