Mt. Rainier and the Lightroom 4 Seminar

For the first two days of last week, I was in a stitch awaiting Wednesday so I could get on with my adventure.  Wednesday finally arrived and I left about quarter to nine and headed up to meet the Houston family on Mt. Rainier.  Trip up there was uneventful (thank goodness) and I arrived at the Paradise Lodge in good time.  After a short time there Tim and Tamara arrived from their 13 day hike around and over the top of Mt. Rainier.  We all enjoyed a great evening at the lodge, heading down to Cougar Campground later in the evening where Jody and girls and Kelley were camping.




Marsha, myself and Tamara (Tim was sleeping at the lodge) went back up to Paradise Lodge for the evening and I captured some photos of the inside of the lodge.  This is something I have wanted to do ever since being there in 2010-so dream full-filled.




This is a really great place with all the hand-painted lamp shades and custom built furniture.  Beautiful to say the least.

On my way up to the lodge, about a mile away I spied a beautiful little meadow full of wild flowers and just glowing in the sunlight.  I decided not to stop then, but come back the next morning and catch the “Golden Hour” sunlight.  HAH!  What a brain f..t.  The next morning was foggy and cloudy and no sun shine so the wild flowers were not brilliant.  I took a lot of shots trying to get something, but I got nothing of that “special meadow”.  I did get a couple of wild flower shot elsewhere though…….




The main thing I wanted to get a good shot of was Christine Falls, which I was able to do together with the little falls located just about 200 feet up the road.




The trip from Mt. Rainier to Cabela’s in Lacy and then on in to Seattle was unbelievable.  Took almost as long to do that as to go from home to Mt. Rainier.  I will never understand why traffic just stops for no reason!  Had a great room just one block from the convention center and here is my view:




The seminar with Matt Kloskowski was fantastic!  Lot of people attending and excellent education.  Matt is such a great teacher and he certainly knows his stuff.

Left there after the seminar and went to my daughter’s place in McMinnville for the night.  Next morning we shot the bow some and then went up to Tigard to the bow show and then on to my brother Larry’s place in Portland for a short visit.  Larry has just recently moved back to Portland from the LA area after 30 years, so it was great to see him and I am very glad he is back in the Northwest.

All in all, an excellent adventure and a great learning experience.  I think I could be a Lightroom/Photoshop/Photography seminar junkie!




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