East Lake and Paulina Falls

We spent the last 4 days camped at East Lake with friends and had a GREAT TIME!  Fishing wasn’t terrific (at least for us) but we did manage to catch and release 5 or there-about.  One of the friends with us had has Grand-daughter with him and she was absolutely delightful.  Kept us completely entertained all the while.  This was her first fishing trip, so she really had some fun and so did we.  The ladies took this photo of myself, Aaliyah, Duane and Buck and my boat “Tommy” (named for my late, best friend Tom Houston).


For the first time ever (and I have been to this area many times), we did the hike to Paulina Falls and what  a beautiful sight we were treated to.  I will tell you true, this is really spectacular.


We hiked up the creek a little ways and there were several areas of wild flowers and then I hiked down below the falls and found a place to set up to take some shots only to see a group of young kids enjoying the falls themselves.  After a short time, they left and went downstream to catch the trail back up, so I was able to get a few shots off.




There are more of these on my SmugMug web site (joehudspeth.smugmug.com), so please take a look. The entire Newberry Crater area is just fantastic with so many beautiful areas to see and visit.  Plus-you get to fish!


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