Divide Cabin

Got up early with the chickens this morning and headed out into the Grizzly Unit to photograph Divide Cabin.  Don’t really know the exact time this cabin was built or its purpose, but the USFS has been keeping it up until a few years ago.  It is a great example of the log buildings of the era and will remain for a while, until Father Time steals it’s life and the structures collapses.Image

From there, after realizing that the sun was not going to illuminate the entire cabin, I drove out the upper Has Rock Road to a wide spot where I could view AY Canyon and the 3 Sisters Mountains.ImageImage

I didn’t notice the little bird setting up in the old dead tree until I got back home and put the photo into the computer.  Adds to it don’t you think?  Went down and was able to shoot some more Water Lilly pics with Judy Neill and then up to a local ranch that has an enormous amount of old wagons and truck and gear around.  Too late in the day to do any photography, but we will go back and it should provide some interesting photos.

So, thanks for looking and we will see you next time.


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