Balloons Over Bend follow-up

Did we ever have some fun last night.  That was great!  Started out the evening by traveling over to Bend in convoy style with 3 vehicles and then we went to dinner at Pastini Old Mill. There were 7 of us-Judy and Terry Neill and their friend Debbie, Larry and Kathi Climer and Kathy and I.  Great place to have dinner!  Then we went searching for the place where the “Glow” was to take place and guess what?  It wasn’t where we thought nor parked, so we drove on over across the road to the Kayak Park and got set up and ready for the evening.  Crowds started gathering and soon there were lots of people.  



It took a while to get everything up and going and in the meantime, Larry went off to get some answers and have some fun!



So are we having any fun?  You bet we were.  Following are a couple of my fav shots.  Will probably go back in the morning to catch the launch and see what I can get out of that.



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