Divide Cabin

Got up early with the chickens this morning and headed out into the Grizzly Unit to photograph Divide Cabin.  Don’t really know the exact time this cabin was built or its purpose, but the USFS has been keeping it up until a few years ago.  It is a great example of the log buildings of the era and will remain for a while, until Father Time steals it’s life and the structures collapses.Image

From there, after realizing that the sun was not going to illuminate the entire cabin, I drove out the upper Has Rock Road to a wide spot where I could view AY Canyon and the 3 Sisters Mountains.ImageImage

I didn’t notice the little bird setting up in the old dead tree until I got back home and put the photo into the computer.  Adds to it don’t you think?  Went down and was able to shoot some more Water Lilly pics with Judy Neill and then up to a local ranch that has an enormous amount of old wagons and truck and gear around.  Too late in the day to do any photography, but we will go back and it should provide some interesting photos.

So, thanks for looking and we will see you next time.


Something New

My friend Judy Neill has shown me a new and (I must admit) exciting way to display images.  The use of textures has been around for a long time, so I thought I would give it a try and see what happens, so here is my first attempt with textures.  What do you think-stick to photography or maybe explore this a little more?Image

Just Shooting

I have had the privilege of going out shooting with Judy Neill for a couple of days this week and last, besides the Balloons Over Bend thing Friday night.  We went to the High Desert Classic “Hunting and Jumping” Show in Bend and again was doing something I had not previously done before.  Shooting moving subjects is a challenge all unto itself.  Because there was a Professional Photographer there that was the official show Photographer, the images I took were for practice sake only and are not for sale.


I went yesterday with Judy to a small pond she knows of and got a few photos of some fantastic Water Lilly’s.  They are such a beautiful flower and we watched as they reacted to the sun’s movement across the sky.  Here are a couple of those:


It is a lot of fun to go out with a Professional Photographer and learn from them the art of exposure and composition.  Had a great time and Thank You Judy.

Balloons Over Bend follow-up

Did we ever have some fun last night.  That was great!  Started out the evening by traveling over to Bend in convoy style with 3 vehicles and then we went to dinner at Pastini Old Mill. There were 7 of us-Judy and Terry Neill and their friend Debbie, Larry and Kathi Climer and Kathy and I.  Great place to have dinner!  Then we went searching for the place where the “Glow” was to take place and guess what?  It wasn’t where we thought nor parked, so we drove on over across the road to the Kayak Park and got set up and ready for the evening.  Crowds started gathering and soon there were lots of people.  



It took a while to get everything up and going and in the meantime, Larry went off to get some answers and have some fun!



So are we having any fun?  You bet we were.  Following are a couple of my fav shots.  Will probably go back in the morning to catch the launch and see what I can get out of that.


Balloons over Bend

Tonight another first. Myself and wife, Judy Neill and husband, Kathi Climer and husband and a couple of other folks are going to go over to Bend, OR to the night glow for the Balloons over Bend. None of us has ever shot an event like this before, so the education should be enormous. It promises to be a lot of fun trying to figure it all out and get that shot. Here’s hoping I have something to show you!

Hello world!

Good Morning world!  Well, this is a BRAVE new adventure for me.  I started my own photography web site with the good folks at SmugMug.com yesterday and today, I am commencing my very own blog.  WOW, who would’ve thunk that I was going to do that.  Mainly, I would just like to share my photos and my adventures with everyone, so this is one good way to do that.

I invite everyone to visit my site at :www.joehudspeth.smugmug.com and see the galleries I have started there.

Thanks all and hope to be communicating with you in the future.

Joe H

HDR of the Crooked River Railroad Bridge over the Crooked River Gorge.